Why you (should) change the world with Scope 3 ...

In our current sustainability report and our CO₂ balance sheet for 2021, you will find the latest Scope 1, 2 and Scope 3 data that we have determined at allsafe. Data that provides you with information on our CO₂ footprint and underpins the results of our efforts to operate in a healthy and sustainable manner with figures.

For me, however, the data from Scope 3 in particular mean something else: namely, our aspiration to change our world, an aspiration I would like to share with you ...

Scope 3 is where things get really exciting for you

More than a decade ago, we at allsafe created the first CO₂ balance sheet. That was when I first heard and experienced the terms Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3: Scope 1 are direct emissions from the consumption of primary energy in the company. Scope 2 are indirect emissions imported via energies and operating resources such as electricity, heat, compressed air or cooling (you can read more about the terms here in my blog. And at allsafe, just 3 to 4 percent of CO₂ emissions fall under Scope 1 and Scope 2.

So, with an optimization of Scope 1 and Scope 2, you don't really achieve earth-shattering results. It is only with Scope 3 that things get really exciting for you, indeed world-changing ....

What Scope 3 tells you about the state of the world

Most companies don't approach Scope 3 because the survey is complex - and the consequences far-reaching ...

With Scope 3, you record the remaining over 90 percent of your CO₂ footprint: This is because Scope 3 includes everything that is required outside your company in terms of energy during the production of raw materials, refinement, transport before and after, and also during the use of the goods produced, right through to disposal and recycling.

Scope 3 is therefore no longer just about optimizing processes within the company and thus saving energy, as was the case with Scope 1 and Scope 2. It is about putting your business model to the test.

And that's not all: In reality, Scope 3 directly describes the consumption of raw materials and the overexploitation of our planet: It shows you very clearly, on the basis of the CO₂ balance sheet, that we will have to operate differently in the future if we as humanity still want to have a future worth living.

Taking Scope 3 seriously means doing business differently

Scope 3, for you, I think, is about your business model, about the way we all do business.

The data show you how unhealthy for our planet and also for the coexistence of us humans our current economic activity is.

We must abandon the economic model based on endless consumption. If everyone on our planet were to operate in the same way as the Western world, we would consume three Earths. We cannot continue to operate in this way in the long term.

Scope 3 is so important because it shows us very clearly the consumption of our earth on the basis of the CO₂ balance sheet, and it makes clear the social upheavals in the world that this overexploitation will lead to. Because we exploit the resource-rich countries to maintain our business and economic model. Because we leave behind deserts and neither provide enough jobs nor social balance.

Scope 3 is for me a lever for a real turn for the better, a powerful, data-based, fact-based stimulus for new thinking, for grounding ourselves anew, for reconnecting with the earth. For us, you and I, for our businesses to be what I call "healthy".

Detlef Lohmann

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