Successfully securing your values with the circular economy

Protect resources

By working with us, you are conserving our world's resources and helping to drive the circular economy.

Circular economy enables your and our value creation in a way that is responsible for people, the environment and the company.


Secure your goods, preserve values

To create innovative and individual solutions for you, we think the extraordinary - with certainty.

For you, load securing is more than a material investment. We are united by the idea that we protect the values of our customers and the lives of people with our innovations.

Cooperation is the future

The low-hierarchical cooperation at eye level and with appreciation makes allsafe a company with a future, which more and more customers appreciate as a partner in their own company's success.

Our visions and values create a basis for a unique performance and innovation community.


Circular economy "made in Germany

With allsafe, you have a partner who wants to keep your and your own ecological footprint as small as possible.

As a medium-sized pioneer of the circular economy, we strive for value creation decoupled from resource consumption. We see sustainability as an endless product cycle; our goal is net zero resource consumption.

In the heart of Europe

With us you buy locally, because allsafe develops and produces for you exclusively in Germany - for the best quality and highest safety and committed to the innovative ideas of the circular economy.

At the same time, with us you have an internationally experienced partner at your side, because we export globally and work in multicultural teams in all areas of the company.

allsafe seamstress production

To a long life

What we produce for you has the goal of "eternal" product life. Our products and services stand for intensive use and longevity.

For this very reason, we make sure that our business equipment has a "long life" and can be repaired. That's why we support interesting ideas like a repair café through the allsafe foundation: repairing instead of throwing away!

"We don't make the products because we think it's great to make such great products. It's more about providing a benefit to the customer. When that works, it makes me proud. The success then comes all by itself."

Jens Laufer, Managing Director