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At allsafe we are proud of our solutions that secure your loads. We are proud of the people who are responsible for these solutions.

As a BLUE PIONEER, allsafe brings forward circular economy and appreciative cooperation with profit.


You work responsibly for yourself, your colleagues and the allsafe company. Why is trust-based working time, profit-sharing for all employees and cooperation at eye level so important to us?

Learn more here about the opportunities and possibilities to create real added value in the allsafe company with your skills and passion.


What's new in the allsafe company?

Company news, current publications and press articles about the company allsafe - you will find them here ...


A lot has happened since the company was founded in 1964 ... Here you will find milestones in the development of the allsafe company from its beginnings to the present day. A history that we as BLUE PIONEERS want to continue writing into the future ...



allsafe develops and produces exclusively in Germany. Our headquarters are in Engen, between Lake Constance and the volcanoes of the Hegau. We maintain a second production site in Fürstenwalde, between Berlin and the Spreewald. We have listed the other regions in which allsafe is active in Europe and on the other side of the globe for you here ....

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Securing loads is more than just lashing them down. In this section you will find all kinds of useful knowledge about transport, lots of tips, training partners, certifications ...

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The BLUE PIONEER - Detlef Lohmann about allsafe

"Success is a question of values - as simple as this sentence sounds, as labour-intensive is the path we have taken and are still taking to achieve it.

I am proud of our team! We have been able to operate healthily even when Corona has set the bar for successful cooperation extremely high. We stood up for each other and together with our suppliers and our customers we overcame these special challenges.

The core values of customer orientation, innovation, fairness and responsibility make for a community of which I am proud. Together we have already achieved so much that I consider exemplary: exemplary for other companies, our society, and also our handling of the earth's resources.

We want to make allsafe and all stakeholders of our company rethink and act in a new way. Step by step on the way to becoming a "blue pioneer".

I see the circular economy as our chance to do business in a healthy and sustainable way. In this way, we will work together to live together in a way that makes sense and brings great joy."


"Sustainability is an attitude. Our attitude."

Detlef Lohmann, Managing Partner

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