Holding on properly done

A lot of know-how is needed to ensure that nothing slips on the way, be it goods or people. This applies to our part of the development and production, but also to your part of the application.

Here we give you as a user useful tips, you learn more about training, certifications - and what else is useful for you around the correct restraint of your loads.

Basics of load securing

Load securing is more than just tying down with a belt. Here you will learn the legal and physical basics - and you will also receive useful tips.


The competence of our team and thus the quality of our products is excellent in the truest sense of the word: The German Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics, European Aerospace Evaluation, TÜV SÜD and TOP JOB attest to this time and again.

The certificates reflect our corporate responsibility and excellence as a respectful and fair employer.

IATF 16949
IATF 16949
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
LBA 21G.0077
LBA EN.21G.0077
LBA DE.145.0185

List of valid allsafe certificates.

Please note that only the latest revision status listed here is valid, i.e. only the certificates listed below are currently valid.

Note: No statement is made here about the validity of certificates issued by third parties such as DEKRA or TÜV for allsafe products.

Certificate no.Rev.ProductArticle numberDate
2007-0111Square lashing rail
Round hole lashing rail
2008-0112Lashing trough7110117.07.2012
2008-0121Lashing trough7110225.10.2011
2008-0131TRS bar with net511061-2025.10.2011
2008-0141Lashing trough7110825.10.2011
2008-0161Lashing trough7110325.10.2011
2008-0171Single Stud in Syst.Track77150/52062425.10.2011
2008-0182Lashing trough7110017.07.2012
2009-0111Loading bar7122925.10.2011
2009-0121Shoring Pole510015-5025.10.2011
2009-0131Lashing plate520153-2125.10.2011
2009-0141AJ seat adapter (M1)511123-10/511124-1025.10.2011
2010-0021CRS light7981625.10.2011
2010-0031Automotive Fitting310275-1025.10.2011
2011-0012Transport network511183-1024.10.2011
2011-0021Floor rails Opel Vivaro511 200-1031.05.2011
2011-0033Lashing trough 500daN511 063-1017.07.2012
2011-0042aJ Quick release fastener511090-xx, 511100-xx07.09.2011
2011-0051Quattro Stud Fitting511033-1012.09.2011
2012-0011CS300 mounting system511234-1003.04.2012
2012-0020Lashing trough 1,000 daN510024-1017.07.2012
2012-0030Lashing trough 300daN560151-1017.07.2012
2012-0040KIM 4451116419.09.2012
2012-0050KIM 44 Professional51111012.02.2021
2012-0060CRS II locking barDiv.24.02.2021
2012-0070Single Stud Fitting51127526.11.2012
2013-0010CARDIOSAFE fastening system511276-1018.01.2013
2013-0020PAT 625511130-xxxx, 511131-xxxx24.01.2013
2013-0030PAT 1000511023-xxxx, 511024-xxxx21.02.2013
2013-0040KIM 5571033-xxxx06.09.2013
2013-0050KIM 55 Professional71032-xxxx06.09.2013
2013-0060KIM 5x7, KIM 5x7 Airline71228-xxxx, 510574-xxxx06.09.2013
2013-0070KIM 5x7 Professional, KIM 5x7 Airline Professional71287-xxxx, 510575-xxxx06.09.2013
2013-0080SAM, SAM Profi510374-xxxx, 510510-xxxx06.09.2013
2013-0090KAT Combi 900511303-xxxx21.10.2013
2013-0100KAT Airline 800511300-xxxx21.10.2013
2013-0110KAT Combi 800511302-xxxx21.10.2013
2013-0120CAT Combi 1100511304-xxxx21.10.2013
2013-0130KAT Combi 2800511305-xxxx21.10.2013
2013-0140CAT AJS 900511306-xxxx21.10.2013
2013-0150CAT AJS 1100511307-xxxx21.10.2013
2013-0160CAT AJS 2800511308-xxxx21.10.2013
2013-0170CAT SL 900511309-xxxx21.10.2013
2013-0180CAT SL 1100511310-xxxx21.10.2013
2013-0190CAT SL 2800511311-xxxx22.10.2013
2014-0010Wheelchair restraint system510886-10 Index A09.01.2014
2014-00202t lashing point511033 + 52145309.01.2014
2014-0030KERL 100051122820.02.2014
2014-0040KERL AJS 100051124220.02.2014
2015-0010KERL 200051122729.04.2015
2015-0040ATD I Loading bar510252-xxxx13.07.2015
2015-0050ATD II loading bar510552-xxxx13.07.2015
2015-00060KERL 350M831028220.10.2015
2015-0070KERL JF512014-xxxx24.11.2015
2015-0080KERL JFS512015-xxxx24.11.2015
2015-0090KERL JF slide512016-xxxx24.11.2015
2015-0100KERL JF fix512017-xxxx24.11.2015
2016-0011TransSAFE carrier512041-xxxx23.08.2016
2016-00020KIM 5x7512009-xxxx03.05.2016
2016-00030KIM 7x9512010-xxxx03.05.2016
2016-00040ATD Charging bar classic512020-xxxx03.05.2016

Seminars & Trainings

Who can you contact at if you would like to deepen your knowledge of load securing? Here you will find our partners for seminars and training courses:

allsafe demo vehicle
allsafe demo vehicle for applied load securing

AVT - Private Academy for Transport and Technology GmbH

Mr Markus Fehn
Industriestrasse 23
D - 63811 Stockstadt

Tel.: +49 (0) 6021 - 76309


Dangerous Goods School Klaus-Peter Bernstorff

Mr Klaus-Peter Bernstorff
Carl-Benz-Strasse 2
D - 78224 Singen

Tel.: +49 (0) 7731 - 95596-0


Gillig Driving School

Mr Heinz Gillig
Mengkofener Strasse 27
D - 84130 Dingolfing

Tel.: + 49 (0) 8731 - 8591


Schiffner Service GbR

Mrs Elisabeth Schiffner
Boschstrasse 17
D - 94405 Landau

Tel.: +49 (0) 9951 - 9842-0


K +S Sachverständige GmbH

Mr Sven Krafzik
Neustrasse 4
D - 45549 Sprockhövel

Mobile: +49 (0)176 - 24792090


Michael Girbes

Training and consulting
At the Kulzenhof 27
D - 46519 Alpen

Tel.: +49 (0)2802 9467100


Knaus further training

Richard Knaus
Sonnentalstrasse 28a
CH - 9036 Grub SG (Swiss)

Tel.: +41 (0)71 891 50 11



Mr Wolfgang Neumann
Rodenbacher Chaussee 6
D - 63457 Hanau

Tel.: +49(0) 6181 - 3008-650
Fax: +49(0) 6181 - 3008-651


Logistics Consulting Lemmer UG

Mr Holger Lemmer
An der Stennert 6
D - 58644 Iserlohn

Tel.: +49 (0) 2374 - 169 094


Mr Christian Rennie

Trainer & Consultant
Zaunwiesenweg 40
D - 90482 Nuremberg

Tel.: +49 (0) 911 - 2548196
Mobile: 0160 - 94569321


SBS - TrainingConsultingService

Mr Olaf Horwarth
In the lower Weingarten 6
D - 88682 Salem


Clover safety

Klee Dangerous Goods Office
Mr Carsten Klee
Leipziger Street 10
D - 34626 Neukirchen

Tel.: +49 (0)6694 919652


Cargo safetytec OG

Mr Konrad Rainer
Behamberg 122
A - 4441 Behamberg


Fahrner Academy GmbH

Joachim Bäumer
Cresbacher street 6
D-72280 Dornstetten

Tel.: +49 (0)7443 - 9676 46