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Making the world a better place - Detlef's aspiration for his own work is no less. And since for him the greatest leverage lies in being an entrepreneur, the mechanical engineer decided more than 20 years ago to join allsafe as Managing Partner.

Since then, he has consistently implemented his visions, which revolve around personal responsibility, alternative salary models and an unconventional understanding of leadership. During this time, the local SME developed into an international industrial company. 40 employees became 260, and one location became two.

But Detlef Lohmann would not be Detlef Lohmann if he were to sit back and relax. The author and family father is far too driven by the idea of a circular economy. With the aim of improving the world, of course.


Detlef Lohmann
Managing Partner

Heike Hundertmark-2-allsafe

Heike Hundertmark
Key Account Manager


Heike Hundertmark learned to assert herself in a male-dominated industry during her part-time doctorate in the automotive industry. Her great commitment and willingness to constantly develop herself presented her with new professional challenges time and again - in Barcelona, Mexico and the USA. With the birth of her second child, Heike then realised that her priorities no longer coincided with stays abroad and a demanding full-time job.

That is why the trained yoga teacher moved back to Germany, where she can now do justice to all areas of her life: Her work as Key Account Manager at allsafe, her natural cosmetics company and her family.
And because sustainability for her also means being responsible with her own body, Heike prefers to spend her free time exercising in the fresh air.


Cars and Matthias. They simply belong together. The industrial engineer, who grew up in Wolfsburg, is not just interested in driving pleasure - he is fascinated by the technology behind it. So it's not surprising that he gained his professional experience in key accounts at major automotive suppliers.

Until he found his way to Engen, where not only his family feels right at home, but where he also organises classic car rallies.

Whether as a product manager or in sales: Matthias is there at allsafe where he can make the greatest contribution with his curiosity, his critical eye and his sharp expertise - always with him: the necessary pinch of humour.


Matthias König
Product Manager & Sales


Jens Laufer
Managing Director


Jens learned what it's like to work in a large corporation during his time at Daimler in the USA. But at some point, life between hotels, airport lounges and large industrial halls didn't feel real, too far away from reality.

So the native of Villingen joined a medium-sized automotive supplier in his home country as a team leader in process development and eventually became managing director. Exciting nine years followed, characterised by a wide variety of challenges.

Today, as Managing Director at allsafe, Jens can draw on this valuable experience. Engen is not only his place of work, but also the centre of his life, where he enjoys wielding the wooden spoon and the barbecue tongs for his family.


Always a smile on her face and a nice saying on her lips! That's Mona. In her youth she attended the sports boarding school in Freiburg and pursued her dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Through her ambition, she achieved this dream at the age of 17 and played in the 1st Bundesliga for eight years. As she has always been interested in psychology, she began studying business psychology during her soccer career and successfully completed it.

Today, Mona only plays soccer in her free time when she's not riding her e-bike.

As an employee and recruiter at allsafe, it is important to Mona to move the team, the company, forward. By finding the right person for the right job.

Mona Lohmann

Albert Sicher
Digital allsafe employee


From an early age, I have been enthusiastic about large vehicles. So it was not surprising that after school I trained as a car mechanic and subsequently specialized in vans and trucks.

As the first digital employee of allsafe, I am especially pleased to inform you about load securing and the products of allsafe in the videos. Be curious about what is still to come! I look forward to your feedback or questions.

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