How we can combine growth and sustainability

Our society thinks of economy and ecology as a contradiction. Life on our planet seems to be possible only at the expense of this planet.
But this is not a law of nature.
On the contrary, I am convinced that we can decouple value creation from the exploitation of the earth's resources and combine economic growth and sustainability.

Thinking in cycles

Not by merely trying to protect the earth's ecosystem from us humans. But by replacing the green idea of preserving nature through human renunciation and prohibitions with a new, "blue" understanding in which humans and nature are not in opposition to each other, but act in harmony with each other through closed resource cycles.

But this requires a rethink, both socially and economically. The throwaway society has no future because it rapidly uses up what it lives on. That is why what we produce should no longer be intended for consumption, but for use - and then returned to the raw material cycle.

Thinking into the future

To this end, we must make decisions now for the future of our children and grandchildren. But this is not rewarded in our economic and political system, which apparently only allows us to think from quarterly result to quarterly result and from legislative period to legislative period.

But we cannot wait for others. And that is why we at allsafe have decided: We are now starting with ourselves. We are converting our core business of producing load securing devices to a circular economy. And in such a way that it pays off for nature, for our customers and for us as entrepreneurs in the end. That works.

I explain in detail what is behind the idea of blue entrepreneurship in my video.

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