Facts instead of greenwashing - how serious are you about sustainability?

No question: sustainability is totally hip. Claims such as "climate-neutral production" go down well with customers and consumers. That's why you can read such promises on so many products at the moment. But do these claims always deliver what they promise?

Greenwashing is an unsightly side effect of the sustainability efforts of companies that want to jump on the bandwagon without really giving it serious thought.

But that is likely to change soon: The EU wants to take action against greenwashing with a new directive. If it is passed, companies will have to provide scientific evidence for all climate-related claims in future. Otherwise they could face severe penalties.

Even now - before the directive has even come into force - companies are more cautious about their advertising promises, as you can see in this article from the Handelsblatt.

That's a good thing, I think ...

Just for your conscience

I think it's good and right that companies should now be held more accountable so that they only promise what they can back up. Hopefully this will create more transparency. Because that way the consumer can see who is really serious about climate neutrality. Who really saves resources. And who is just trying to soothe the buyer's conscience with nice-sounding claims.

I think stricter regulation will also mean that we as consumers will be held more accountable. We can then directly recognize which trousers were really produced in an "ocean-friendly" way, which apple juice was actually produced in a "bee-friendly" way, which package was demonstrably sent in a "CO₂-neutral" way - facts instead of greenwashing. Of course, you are still free to buy a cheaply produced, chemicalized, non-repairable plastic item. That is and remains your personal choice. But then no longer with the clear conscience that you are holding a "climate-friendly" product in your hands. The better informed we are as consumers, the better decisions we can make for ourselves.

Without greenwashing: a visible attitude

At the same time, without greenwashing, the attitude of the company becomes visible to you as a customer: Who is really interested in aligning their business model with environmental protection instead of just making up a few slogans that sound good at first glance?

We at allsafe are in favor of exposing greenwashing. Because every day we think about what our contribution can be and make decisions and act accordingly. We are concerned with how we can stand up for our planet and its inhabitants. How we can conserve resources sustainably. We are serious about this - and we welcome every company that does the same.

Heike Hundertmark 

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