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TRS transporter load restraint system

Used to secure roll container, stillage and palletized goods

Everyday you deliver different goods. Yesterday, it was boxes full of car parts on pallets, today it was roll containers with plants for the local florist and tomorrow the local brewery has engaged you to deliver three different restaurants.

Each contract is urgent and the goods are fragile. Wobbly and toppled over goods are expensive – not only when it comes to traffic controls by authorities.

With the flexible TRS load restraint system, which was developed especially for transporters, you can secure various different types of loads. Four light-weight shoring bars, two roof tracks, two floor tracks and various other components make this system a true quick-change artist! However you choose to install the TRS system, you can be assured that your cargo is secure and will not tip over. The TRS system is not only flexible; it can also be dismantled within seconds and can be stored easily, taking up almost no space at all.

Product information

Your advantages:

  • flexible and lightweight
  • multifunctional and fast
  • optimal utilisation of loading space
  1. Fast installation of KIM 5x7 shoring bars in roof and floor tracks allow a quick form-fitting solution.
  2. Flexible installation of KIM 5x7 shoring bars while using the entire loading space allows you to secure your load safely according to your delivery schedule.
  3. Optimal load restraint from the front and the back by using horizontal shoring bars and beams. Quick removal and installation of the bars and beams to re-secure your partial loads effectively.