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Secures palettes and roll containers towards the back

Cases of mineral water stacked up to the top of the roof – that’s how you can exploit your loading space best. The strengthened curtain secures to the side – in the front it’s the headboard. What about securing towards the back, especially when you accelerate and want the stacked cases to stay in place? And wouldn’t it be nice not to have to first install the system or look for it in the shop before you start your delivery route?

With the CRS system and its 8.000 daN blocking capacity you can take off with a good conscience. Whether you are carrying odd cases or entire palettes – the high-strength beams made of aluminum hold the goods tightly. When loads are partially unloaded, you can re-secure the load by sliding the beam towards the remaining goods.

When the beams are not in use, they can be parked under the roof. This way you can’t lose or forget them at the loading dock.

Your advantages:

  • beams integrated into the vehicle
  • possibility to park beams when not in use
  • high-blocking capacity
  1. CRS beams allow positive locking for palletized goods
  2. When palettes are partially loaded, straps which are locked into the airline profile of the beams secure the load towards the sides
  3. Load restraint through easy to slide and removable CRS beams