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Whatever it is you are transporting, at allsafe you will find the right solutions when it comes to cargo restraint systems. This catalogue provides you with a few of the most common used examples in load securing.

Take advantage of our new QR codes, which will lead you to detailed product information, user manuals and order information. Are you already using our systems and do you have a suggestion on how to make them even better? We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions. Do you have a challenging load securing problem that needs to be solved? Our highlyskilled engineers at our state-of-the-art facility in Engen, Germany are looking forward to developing a quick and easy solution for all your load securing needs.


Sustainable load restraint solutions for your everyday transporter use

Sustainable load restraint solutions for your everyday transporter use

Continuously increasing logistic challenges in the transporter segment, as well as the development of high-performance vehicles with their intelligent driver assistant systems require equally innovative systems to meet your everyday load securing needs.

To meet safety requirements and future regulations with regards to cargo load restraint, the following pages will demonstrate our newest solutions for the transporter segment. Transporters nowadays need to be flexible to meet the increasing demands in the transport industry. The following pages are meant to inspire you and give you ideas on how to solve your logistic challenges.

Didn’t find the right solution? Challenge us – it’s our goal to develop the solution for your unique logistic tasks.


Voor het vaszetten van rolcontainers, gitterboxen en pallets

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Ladingzekering van pakketten op korte distributieroutes

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Zekeren van kwetsbare, waardevolle lange lading tegen de binnenkant van het dak.


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Ladingzekering met één druk op de knop. Speciaal ontwikkeld voor koeriers- en pakketdiensten.

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Railsets voor Transporter

Ready-to-install rail oplossingen op maat.


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Ladingzekering voor bijna iedere complexe lading

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CTD light-System

Dubbledeksysteem voor zeilenwagens.


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Box van

The way to sustainable logistics

The way to sustainable logistics

No matter if you transport dry or frozen foods, the box van has surely changed the fundamental way of transporting foods. Installations of special systems are always best done hand in hand with your preferred body builder. There is nothing worse than a loss of insolation due to false installation of specialized tracks or even damage when it comes to the transportation of fragile goods.

Together with our partners, we guarantee certified safety. Safety on your side.


Vastzetten van rolcontainers

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Verdubbel uw laadvolume

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Verdubbelt het laadvermogen in wissellaadbakken


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Curtain sider

The sustainable way to logistics in curtain siders

The sustainable way to logistics in curtain siders

Curtain siders are considered to be the most commonly used vehicles in the modern logistic chain. They are universally usable and can transport just about anything. Optimal utilization of load space depending on the goods that need to be transported can be a great challenge. Over the years allsafe Jungfalk has dedicated years of engineering towards the development of modular systems creating customized solutions for its valued customers.

We have had single components or entire systems certified. Our systems make loading and unloading easy, guaranteeing quick and effective load securing.

The variable installations of our system components allow you to modify your vehicle to manage various customer orders. With our systems, you will be on the go again in minutes.

Ask us, we always have the right solution!


Ladingzekering voor ieder transportuitdaging

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Verdubbelt uw laadruimte

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Vastzetten van pallets en rolcontainers in achterwaartse richting

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