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Load restraint for every transporting task

You take a glimpse at your newest loading list and think “how is that all going to hold?” Ultimately, you do not want to spend hours tying down the tires, stillage, palettes, package freight or big-bags just to keep them in place.

With the AJS-System you can safely and effectively solve every transport challenge in seconds. Hundreds of latching points offer a good base for diverse securing components such as straps, shoring bars, and beams. The tight pitch of the high-strength steel tracks allow for close anchorage.

With just a few hand movements, you can divide your vehicle into different departments, whether it is in the longitudinal or lateral direction.

The AJS-system can easily be retrofitted by replacing the wooden planks with the AJS steel planks. When not in use, the beams can be parked between the stanchions.

Your advantages:

  • hundreds of latching points allow variability
  • load distribution - made easy
  • load secured in seconds
  1. Use of blocking beams to secure to the back
  2. Tight pitch allows for close anchorage
  3. Formation of sections to secure partial loads.