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Automatically secures goods with the push of a button. Designed especially for courier and parcel delivery service providers.

Every second counts when delivering parcels door-to-door, especially if you have to park on a busy street. As a professional, you organize your parcels before you take off just so that they are in the correct order when you reach your first and final destination. Whether laid on one level, or piled one on top of each other, the parcels have to be quickly accessible and stay that ways during the entire route. TransSAFE®go ensures that your goods are in the right place until the very last stop.

By pressing the push button, the cargo net moves automatically along the six pillars into the optimal position for your current load. With TransSAFE®go, you will benefit from long-term savings as you will never have to search for a parcel again! All you need to do is push the button when you get out and once again before you carry on to your next destination. DONE!

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Your advantages:

  • full automatic freight securing
  • no loss of time
  • easy installation - even in rentals
  1. Press the push button and allsafe’s automatic cargo net does the rest. The net is activated by two push buttons located in the driver’s cabin and in the back of the loading compartment. The system stops once the preload force is reached. The load is secured across the board.
  2. Automatic load restraint without any manual effort. The net is perfectly aligned with your load and the net is always in the right position.
  3. A system which can be used perfectly for different load situations – no matter if you have parcels pilled to the top of the vehicle or you want to secure one single parcel. Thanks to the preload force, the net is always in the right position. No damaged parcels lead to satisfied customers.