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CTD light-System

Double-deck system for small tarpaulin trucks.

Lightweight load in the double deck

A vehicle gearbox packed ready for transport may block more than half of your load space. Neither next to it nor on top of it you can load additional pallets. So there are always tours you have to take with waste of payload capacity but lots of unused space under the tarpaulin.

Or you win extra space with the CTD light double-deck cargo system. 

The CTD light-system can be used with all common tarpaulin superstructures.

Your advantages:

  • Second loading level
  • Parking rig for loading beams (when not in use)
  • Reduction of your operational, Labour and transport costs
  1. Same structure, double loading meters
  2. Load capacity 100 kg/m2 (100 kg per euro pallet)