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Load restraint for almost every complex load

There’s no one day like the other. You leave in the morning with one parcel, at noon you have parcels piled up to the top of the vehicle, and on your way home your vehicle is only half full… With allsafe’s cargo nets you can secure different types of loads. It’s quick and flexible thanks to the circumferential strap integrated within the net.

With the use of shoring bars, intelligent partition walls can easily be created. 

Your advantages:

  • flexible, light-weight and safe
  • universal usage within the cargo compartment
  • provides basic load securing for almost every type of cargo
  1. Secure complex loads within the cargo compartment. Flexible positioning depending on the position of lashing points, even on the side walls.
  2. Net system used as a flexible partition wall. In combination with KIM 5x7 shoring bars, you can divide your loading space into almost every position needed. The heavy-duty partition wall can compensate partial walls that are not included in the transporter standard packages.
  3. Load space division using a cargo net system. Mounted with fittings in side and floor tracks. Maximum flexibility and safety.