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Securing sensitive and valuable long goods under the roof’s interior.

You need a lot of tools in the back of your transporter to get you through the day, and everything should have its own place? It’s important to have your goods in order and to have the aisles free so that you can quickly and effectively reach any point within the loading area.

TransSAFE®carrier can help! TransSAFE®carrier is the first certified load securing system which allows you to safely and effectively store long goods under the roof’ interior.

Simply lay your valuable goods in the system’s integrated loop. Adjust the width of the sliders to the size of the goods. Pull the straps tight and you are ready to go!

Your advantages:

  • more tidiness, higher efficiency
  • using safety to stop theft
  • reduced risk of accidents
  • easy installation in vehicle
  1. With the head lashing, the transportation of pipes is even more secure. Shifting from the front and back is hindered, even in extreme situations.
  2. TransSAFE®carrier can be installed quickly and easily in every typ of vehicle. No tools are required if roof tracks are already installed in the vehicle.
  3. TransSAFE®carrier is perfect for storing long ladders under the roof’s interior. This allows for tidiness and helps keeps the aisle free.