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Doubles your loading space

A packed gearbox can takes up almost half of your loading space and you have no room on the side or on top for palletized goods. So you complete your route well below the allowed loading capacity and transport plenty of air while you are at it.

With the CTD-System, you gain a second deck where you can load up to twelve extra tons! If you primarily carry palletized goods you actually double the load capacity.

If the double decking system is not needed, it can be parked between the stanchions.

Your advantages:

  • economical and effective
  • reduces your operationg and labour costs
  • transport different types of goods at the same time
  1. Doubles loading capacity.Room for 66 palettes up to 1.5 m high and 400 kg. Load capacity of upper deck amounts to 12,000 kg.
  2. Beams parked between the stanchions. It doesn’t get easier than that!
  3. In additional garment transport with modified garments bars.