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Combi tracks - custom made

Combi tracks are established products for the installation of side walls and slats, suitable for all Faktor 4 products and definitely a track for multiple applications. Our lashing profiles are essential for setting up slats. Their advantages: light weight, highest safety and optimum load capacity.

The lashing profiles can be used optimally in combination with the Faktor 4 product range and KERLs. Roundhole tracks are used universally in box vehicles and are highly rigid. Therefore, roundhole tracks are ideally used as structural elements for roof and floor. Keyhole tracks are used for transportation of clothes and enable space-saving loading for clothes rails with steelhead. Keyhole tracks come with mounting holes and are ready to be installed.

well proven for sidewalls of boxes

with e-tracks and round holes

compatible with all Faktor 4 products

a range of materials

the right track for every requirement

indispensible for setting up slats

low weight

high safety level– minimal payload loss

intelligent design

solid base for KERLs and Faktor 4

quality certified according to VDI 2700

safe driving guaranteed

for boxes

strong hold

structural element for roof and floor

various designs

compatible with Ø 19 mm and Ø 24 mm bolts