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KIM - Shoring poles custom made

KIM offers an enormous variety of possibilities for cargo safety and guarantees highest safety. The KIM product range is flexible in use for every application and has ultra-fast adjustability. Every KIM is available as fix and telescopic version. The blocking bars can be used vertically and in horizontal position and are therefore optimized for specific cargo safety applications.

flexible usage

red locking knob

lightening-fast adjustment

long telescope

large adjustment range

spring loaded on top for vertical use

user friendly

skinny mini


suitable for all current vehicle and types of tracks

with pull stap

ergonomical handling

available with protective sleeve

avoids damages to goods

resilent and light

ergonomic operating lever

for easy clamping and release

telescope function

only one crossbar required for all positions within the vehicle

horizontal installation possible

maximum flexibility

quadratic and practical


suitable for all current vehicle and types of tracks

anti-twist bolt

for flexible use in Airline and roundhole tracks

new Airline insert

allows for many different possibilities

heavy duty versions

robust aluminum design

the smart solution for heavy loads

high-strength 5 x 7 rectangular aluminum main tube

greater blocking capacity to meet the highest demands

telescopic insert

does not turn in the track

strong and removable

very robust

for continuous loading and unloading

ergonomically adjustable

little physical strain