Load securing - holding on with experience

"Restraint" is our core competence - what we develop and produce brings you maximum safety for your cargo.

Nothing slips! No matter what you and your people are travelling with, whether in a van, with a 3.5-tonne truck in city traffic or with a 40-tonne truck across town, country and river. You are as flexible as you want to be: Challenge us, we can do it!

Everything in its place

You transport something different every day, one customer wants a large window, the next a smart washbasin - and all in one piece, of course. Nothing must be broken. And you also have to stow your tools safely ...

Take care of what you do best. For load securing in your van, you have the specialists from allsafe.

And when everything is in its place in your hold, it's also a fine calling card for your careful work.

allsafe sprinter

Safe and fast

Fast delivery in city traffic is your business. Many stops every day. Your tight schedule doesn't leave you any room to elaborately unsecure and secure your load.

Load securing must be pragmatic for you to handle, and it must function reliably. And if the "race control" stops you to take a look in your load compartment, then everything must be top-notch. "And drive on! Have a nice day!

With allsafe you are safe and fast when it comes to load securing. And it is so robust and easy to handle that you can easily remove it at the end of a leasing contract and install it in your new vehicle.

Tested load securing quickly available

Our load securing products for everyday haulage are robust and quickly available, even in large quantities, so that you never lose an order, even if you have to hire additional vehicles and equip them with load securing.

With our certified load securing systems, which are adapted to every type of truck, you are on the safe side in every audit. In addition, due to the low weight of our load securing systems for 7.5 tonne trucks and HGVs, you save payload and can load more cargo. And your employees will also thank you if they have to lift allsafe aluminium bars weighing only 3 kilos instead of 7.5 kilo bars made of steel.

allsafe demo vehicle

"It fits. Whether it's the local painter Müller, who needs load securing for his two vans, or a haulage company that orders thirty 40-tonne trucks from us. That's a whole bouquet of solutions for safe restraint. Allsafe has been around for decades when it comes to load securing - we always have the right thing. No matter how quickly you need something!"

Matthias König
Product Manager & Sales

From a single source -allsafe solutions

If you come to us, you don't have to go through the hassle of finding your parts. At one shop the straps, at another the locking bars, at the next the nets ... We are the manufacturer, we have everything ready. With first-hand, fast delivery for sure.

FACTOR 4 - Customised locking elements

FACTOR 4 - these are KIM, SAM, PAT & KAT. FAKTOR 4 products from allsafe are based on the physical principle of positive locking. The load is held absolutely securely in its position; it is not given any room for possible movement. It doesn't get any safer than this!


KERL - Fittings from the modular system

Our girls KIM, SAM, PAT & KAT from Faktor 4 have got attractive company from a real KERL. And not just one ... Whether as a lashing point, holder, screw fitting or for special applications. You can get fittings for your load securing for every area of application.


ZURREN - belts made to measure

This is what makes lashing really fun! Whether lashing straps, ring straps or custom-made special straps - there is nothing at allsafe that is not available for your load securing. Exclusive made-to-measure products at no extra cost with 24-hour production for you!

Load securing truck-allsafe

NETS - Nets made to measure

Suitable and compatible with our lashing straps, allsafe offers the TransSAFE system nets. They can be used universally and are easy to handle. Optionally, they can also be assembled with the matching, circumferential lashing straps.

charge protection-net-allsafe

RAILS - Rails made to measure

Our wide range of rails guarantees a free ride. The right rail for load securing for every type of vehicle and for every area of application. Our airline rails, bar rails and combi rails, paired with the appropriate lashing points, promise load securing at the highest level.


TRANSPORTER - Customized systems

You are constantly confronted with new logistics challenges in the van vehicle segment. Vehicle development requires the use of innovative systems for transporting a wide variety of loads.

allsafe offers you the right system to meet these requirements for the safety of your transporters and to comply with stricter regulations on load securing in the future.

Truck - Systems made to measure

For optimal utilization of the cargo space of your trucks, you need special transport and securing systems depending on the cargo.

At allsafe you will find various systems for box and tarpaulin vehicles. The variable installation of our system components allows you to flexibly adapt to the most diverse transport tasks in the shortest possible time.