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What can we do for you?

Why do car manufacturers and suppliers, be they large corporations or small start-ups, buy their load restraints from us?

Because we develop the appropriate, individual solutions for the specific requirements of the OEMs. We listen, understand exactly the customer's problem and solve it. We are flexible and fast - while maintaining high quality standards!

Our all-round safety offer for vehicle manufacturers

Our automotive specialists offer you a complete package for your challenges in safely restraining people and goods. Starting with problem analysis, we design, develop, validate and produce solutions for you in the areas of seat rails, load rails, fittings and textile products (belts and nets).

As a certified development and manufacturing company, we assume overall responsibility for our products and systems and our holistic sustainable actions.


Load restraints are made to measure

Our products and systems for load securing are installed in factories all over the world, where cars or commercial vehicles of all sizes come off the production line in small and large quantities. You will also find our load securing solutions in ambulances, in vans designed for the disabled, in cargo bicycles or in motor homes, which are manufactured in smaller quantities of only a few hundred units.

allsafe automotive stands for customer-specific solutions for load securing from the idea to the logistics to the assembly line.

"Something like that also stays in the customer's mind. In this case, it was a big customer. Do you have a solution for us?" was the request. It sounded harmless. But the situation was dicey. Really dicey. The customer had planned to bring a vehicle to the North American market in large numbers. The seat rail used was to correspond 1 to 1 to the seat rail used in Europe. That was the plan. But now, and this is really very late in the process, they found out during the vehicle validation that this would not work because a higher strength is required in the USA. And now? We sat down straight away, without commissioning, without much preliminary negotiation or a development contract, completely in confidence. Time was pressing - and yes, we solved this customer problem within a short time. Getting something like this off the ground is our great strength. Thrills me."

Andreas Limon
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