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Save costs and resources - with all:change

Load restraints are in constant use day after day. Things break quickly. What do you do in your company with the defective locking bars? With the defective double deck beams?

Every load securing device must be tested once a year with documentation (VDI 2700) - what do you do with your load securing devices that will fail the test?

The best thing is to let our all:change do it: Because then you'll save money, you'll save your nerves - and you'll even be doing something good, because you'll be helping to conserve the earth's resources.

You save cash

An economy geared towards long-lasting use, that is a core idea behind all:change: "Eternal life for load securing devices".

With this in mind, we have developed our all:change offer for you: We collect defective locking bars and double deck beams from you, check and repair them and deliver your load securing devices back to you with a fresh UVV sticker - at a fixed price.

By the way, if an all:change customer's load securing system is not repairable, we will provide a replacement. And that is also included in the price!

This saves you money, because it is cheaper for you to have it repaired than to buy new load securing devices.

Your job gets easier

When we take care of your load securing for you, you make your business easier: because you no longer need to worry about managing the load securing you need.

You always have ready-to-use material there. Take care of your core business, we will ensure as part of our all:change that your working equipment for securing your freight is always in good condition and ready.

Save resources

ALL YOU NEED IS ALL - what sounds like a good Beatles song sets a different tone for us. It is the catchy reminder of our mission: to support customers and the world with everything that makes for improvement.

All in all, for us this is called all:change. The customer does not need more than all:change to become part of a sustainable circular economy in which resources and thus also costs are saved.

If you opt for repairs instead of buying new, you will also save a lot of CO2 while saving money:

Calculation example for CO2 savings

  • One plywood or double-deck beam contains approx. 7 kg of aluminium.
  • The production of one kilogramme of aluminium generates around 7 kg of CO2.
  • This results in around 49 kg of CO2 per product.

If the product is repaired, in our experience only about 2-3 kg of product are defective, 4-5 kg of product can be reused. This saves over 50 % (= approx. 30 kg) CO2 in the use of load securing as well as resources and protects the environment through significantly lower primary aluminium requirements.


"There is a world of difference between the driver's cab and the loading area, in fact two whole centuries: the trucks are now intelligent without end, the driver's cab is stuffed with high tech, there is telemetry in it, they work with dynamic slots. If one truck reports that it's stuck in a traffic jam and the other one reports that it's making good progress, that it's five minutes ahead of schedule, then the second one is brought forward and is automatically assigned a slot at the loading point, totally cool. But at the back of the loading area: there's the horse-drawn carriage from the 19th century. Worlds! all:change ensures that you arrive in the 21st century with your load securing, while still saving money and doing something good for the environment!"

Matthias König
Product Manager & Sales