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What can we do for you?

The safety of passengers and the reliable transport of goods in aircraft are our top priorities.

Based on your requirements, we develop and produce customised solutions for cabins and cargo compartments, from load and seat rails to matching fastening elements and textile products such as nets and belts.

Maximum safety in cabin and cargo hold

They trust in us - around 50 years of experience in the development and production of fastening solutions for passenger and freight transport secure allsafe the trust of customers in the aviation industry - from suppliers and OEMs alike.

Together with you, we will find the perfect solution for your fastening task. Based on a detailed problem analysis, we develop, validate and produce solutions for airline rails (also known as L-tracks or brownline tracks), lashing points, fittings and textile products for you.

Whether standard solution or individual design for maximum flexibility, large series or custom-made products - allsafe offers you the complete package as a certified manufacturing and repair company.

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Airline rails

allsafe Aerospace - that is safety "made in Germany" for your cargo and for the people who trust you.

To keep everything safely in place, our load and seat rails are the best choice for you! You will receive your airline rails (L-tracks/brownline tracks) tailored exactly to your requirements , ready to install and with surface coating - as a one-stop supplier, allsafe takes over the coordination and overall responsibility.

Fastening elements

We offer you maximum safety and flexibility: Our fastening elements for load and seat rails are developed in close cooperation with aircraft and seat manufacturers. This includes finite element calculations in an early development phase as well as comprehensive tests on the final product - the design is designed and validated for corresponding load cases.

Our Quick Change (QC) fittings additionally enable enormous time savings when loading or converting from passenger to cargo transport. Whether in small aircraft, large passenger planes or helicopters - we offer you holistic solutions.


Belts and nets

To keep everything in your aircraft exactly where it should be for a safe flight, we also have harnesses and nets in allsafe quality on offer for you.

We design and develop belts and nets based on your ideas and requirements. The design possibilities are manifold - due to the in-house production of the textile systems themselves and also of numerous components for them.

allsafe harnesses and net systems are made of polyester (PES) with flame retardant properties and meet the standard requirements according to common aviation industry standards.

Do you have additional, specific requirements for the validation of textile products? Contact us - we ensure that our products can withstand even the highest stresses and support you with our expertise from conceptualisation to delivery.

You can find more information in our catalog.

"You work with the big players in the industry - that's what I hear sometimes. Yes. That's true. But what I find really great about it is that we can serve individual customer requirements. Flexibility. And variety: from one-off production to large-scale production. That is exciting!

And when I see the allsafe activities in Aerospace, Automotive and Transportation together, I can imagine the following logistics concept: Cargo is loaded from the cargo plane onto a truck trailer and taken to a central distribution hub. There, the cargo unit is taken over by a transport drone, transported to a distribution hub close to the city and from there distributed within the city by delivery vehicle or cargo bike - we have a solution for securing the cargo for every transport concept.

We can map the whole topic of 'Transportation' for you as our customers. Today and in the future.

Jürgen Igel
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Tested with certainty

As an approved manufacturing company according to Part 21G and a maintenance company according to Part 145, quality is the top priority for allsafe. In addition, allsafe is certified according to the aviation standard EN 9100, as well as other standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.