Load securing in all positions

You know how it is: everything in the world is in motion and something of value can always slip. We are here to make sure that doesn't happen to you - as specialists in holding on to everything you transport.

You have the task, we have the solution! And if there is still no solution specifically for your load? We are problem solvers in logistics - individual, sustainable and completely "made in Germany" including packaging and delivery "free domicile".


"Our offer starts with listening. I don't stand in front of the customer with a fitting in my hand - and whether he needs it or not: I sell him this fitting. That is the wrong way.

It is much more about letting the customer tell the story, asking him the right questions to find out exactly what his problems are. Solutions then emerge from these problems. And if our products play a role in these solutions - then that's great. If not, that's okay too. I don't have to sell you anything you don't need."

Jens Laufer
Managing Director

Put your hand on it!

With allsafe you are on the safe side - 100 percent!

  • 100 % certified safety
  • 100 % guaranteed quality assurance according to 6σ -standards
  • 100 % delivery reliability through selected German and European suppliers
  • 100 % guaranteed safe driving with allsafe load securing systems

Made in Germany!

With allsafe you have a German partner for sustainable logistics!

  • We develop and produce "made in Germany"!
  • We offer you branded products of the best quality, highest safety and sustainability and responsibility for people and the environment!
  • We are proud to belong to the German Mittelstand and to operate here locally with secure jobs for a safe and liveable world.

Tailored to you!

With allsafe at your side, you will find the solution to every one of your load securing problems!

  • Exclusive made-to-measure clothing at no extra cost with 24 h production including packaging and free delivery!
  • Individualised products with customer part number and customer logo!
  • Production of 10,000 different variants from only 30 basic products on more than 8,000 sqm